About Corporate Entertainment Consultancy

I set up the Corporate Entertainment Consultancy in 1992 as I wanted to provide a very personal, tailor-made corporate events service for my clients in the UK and France. Prior to that I worked for field sports companies in Cheltenham and the Midlands, where I felt that there was no scope to adapt the "standard day package" to suit every client and their guests.

The company has grown over the last decade and I am pleased that many clients have become old friends. I thoroughly enjoy researching these tailor-made days out and, being bi-lingual in French, it is easy to make good personal contacts with hotels, vineyards, chateaux, golf courses etc. in France.

I am especially keen on sport and play tennis frequently. I also love horse riding, and my most recent experience was a ride up to the top of a volcano on the Galapagos Islands, riding Western style! Naturally, I always try out the sports activities that I offer to my clients.

 I look forward to planning a "special day" for you very soon.

 Marilyn Levi


A Guide to Planning the Perfect Event

  • Do consider what you want to achieve and choose your guest list very carefully.
  • If someone senior declines the invitation, do not automatically invite their junior assistant, who may treat the event as a ‘jolly’ and not help your company image
  • Do not assume your guests will love fishing, sailing, shooting or motor sports just because you do. Either they will refuse the invitation or be bored and embarrassed by their inability to enjoy your favourite sport.
  • Research carefully what your best clients really appreciate.
  • Do not try to fling together something at short notice. It will be a recipe for details being forgotten and inefficient organization.
  • Do not pick a date just after you have returned from holiday, or a stressful business conference. You will still be in another time zone – and will have missed all the vital last-minute details in planning the event.
  • Above all enjoy yourself! Leave it to us to plan and manage the event. Your enjoyment will be catching – and your clients will have a more rewarding experience.