Travel to Iceland for the most unusual and exciting adventure, amazing scenery and exhilarating sports.

Northern Lights

See the Northern Lights (weather permitting) in Hvacelfjordur, only 45 minutes from Reyjkavik. Hotel Glymur is bright and modern with lots of paintings and objets d’art. With its fantastic views across the fjord and excellent food it makes an ideal base.

For a real adventure, drive about 2 hours through beautiful scenery in the mountains east of Reykjavik to the glacier. Learn how the Icelanders use their jeeps. Test your skills driving 4 x 4s across snow and ice. Other sports include snowmobiling, downhill inner tube slalom, tobogganing and glacier golf. Enjoy a buffet lunch with tables and seats carved out of the hillside, and wine and beer chilled in the ice.


Reykjavik is a modern city with some trendy designer shops, art galleries and shops selling Icelandic pullovers. Drink at the Kaffi restaurant, where the bar is covered with ice blocks cut from huge glaciers. For a special meal visit the Perlan, built on top of the thermal reservoir tanks overlooking the city. The restaurant on the top floor rotates through 360 degrees and offers an unobstructed view of the city.

The Blue Lagoon

Visit the Blue Lagoon in the Svartsengin geothermal area. The scene is surrealistic as the newly-built changing rooms and restaurant are landscaped into the black surrounding lava. There are saunas, steam rooms and a thermal waterfall. Enjoy a massage in the warm lagoon. Eat a good lunch in the restaurant before your short drive back to the airport. You will feel like a million dollars after the Blue Lagoon experience!